Wellness and Savings Programs

At Harvard Pilgrim, we offer a range of special programs to support your health and well-being and to save you money. We invite you to learn more about the range of wellness and savings programs that we are pleased to provide to our members.

Be Well

Improve your well-being

Our Living WellSM Everyday program provides resources to support your holistic wellness, such as health activities and content, tracking tools, well-being challenges, rewards and communities of people with common interests.

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Manage a health condition

We offer guidance from nurse care managers to help you manage a health condition, support your care and improve your quality of life.

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Engage in mindfulness

Manage stress, increase your focus and stay healthy by exploring the basic practices of mindfulness through instructional videos and guided meditation with our Mind the Moment program. 

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Manage chronic pain

Chronic pain can limit mobility and pose challenges to day-to-day activities. It may also create stress, which can, in turn, contribute to the pain. That's why finding ways to manage both pain and stress is important. Harvard Pilgrim is committed to meeting the needs of our members who are dealing with chronic pain.

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Save money

Discounts and savings

Harvard Pilgrim members can save on a wide range of products and services to support a healthy and active lifestyle, including fitness, vision, healthy eating and others. 

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Urgent Care Options

Harvard Pilgrim offers a variety of options for you to get care in a different setting than the ER, no matter where you live or work, that can save you time and money.

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Save on procedures and earn cash rewards

You can find care at a lower-cost facility for elective outpatient medical procedures and diagnostic tests using Reduce My Costs, and you’ll receive a cash reward for using the facility.

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Estimate expenses and compare costs

Get an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs before you receive care. Search for hundreds of services and procedures and compare costs for multiple providers. 

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