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Did you know that the cost of a common MRI can range from $780 to $2,230 and colonoscopy service from $1,780 to $4,660 depending on where you go1? Reduce My Costs, a personalized health care shopping concierge service, can help you find high-quality, cost-effective providers in your area, and get cash rewards when you choose a cost-effective provider for outpatient services and tests such as lab work, MRI, X-ray, CT scan, mammogram – and many more!2

Lower costs and more savings

You can earn cash rewards and may also lower your out-of-pocket costs when you use cost-effective providers for health care services. Depending upon procedure you can save on average over $1,000 for services such as lab work or MRI. Reduce My Costs makes it easy to understand your options, you can choose a cost-effective provider and earn a cash reward worth up to $75 per service. And if you’re already seeing a cost-effective provider, you’ll receive a reward just for contacting the Reduce My Costs program nurses.3

Quick and easy access

With Reduce My Costs concierge service, you have an exclusive access to an experienced nurse navigator who will help you compare costs and shop for local and high-quality cost-effective providers near you. In addition, the nurse can assist with appointment scheduling or necessary paperwork, if needed.

What members are saying when they call…

“Danielle, with the Reduce my Costs program, was so incredibly helpful! Danielle was friendly and responsive when I reached out to her and worked with my doctor's office until everything was resolved and I could schedule my procedure. With her help, I saved hundreds of dollars! I would highly recommend this program to all Harvard Pilgrim members!”
– Ms. Maloney

“Janine at Reduce My costs was beyond helpful and helped me get the MRI I needed not for $1,200 but for $254. This is a tremendous saving for my wife and I and so greatly appreciated. Janine worked to guide me through every step of the way with quick and clear communication!! Would highly recommend this program to all Harvard Pilgrim members!”
– Mr Cox

Make the call and start cashing in!

Connect with a nurse at (855) 772-8366 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.



1 Ranges are based on Harvard Pilgrim’s data, actual service prices vary by provider type and location. The figures represent Q1 2021.
2 Your health plan may require a referral and/or prior authorization before you receive services from the lower-cost provider. To ensure the services will be covered, please refer to your plan documents or contact Harvard Pilgrim Member Services at (888) 333-4742. For Maine-based members of a small group employer whose plans include a Health Savings Account (HSA), these additional services are included in the Reduce My Costs program: physical therapy and occupational therapy. For more information, please visit
3 Minimum savings of $150 to qualify for reward. Rewards are considered taxable income; please consult with your tax advisor. Massachusetts members may receive a maximum of $500 in Reduce My Costs rewards per member per calendar year. Reduce My Costs program may not be included in all plans. The program is included for FI members, buy up options are available to self insured employers. And the program is not currently offered with the Littleton Options HMO. Ask your employer if your plan includes Reduce My Costs program.