Tips for choosing a PCP

Tips for choosing a PCP

Having a PCP is key to good health

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Not all plans require you to select a primary care provider (PCP), but having one is a good idea. Your PCP will do a lot for you, like give you preventive care, keep a record of your health over time and refer you to other doctors when needed. So, how do you choose one?

Ask people you trust

PCPs are part of your community and are affiliated with the hospitals near you. Talk to your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Get feedback about the care they’ve received.

Check your network

Make sure the PCPs you are considering accept your plan and are accepting new patients. While a PCP may participate in Harvard Pilgrim, they may not be part of your plan’s specific network.

Find participating PCPs in your network

Consider your needs

PCPs typically practice internal medicine, family medicine or pediatrics. They can also have specialties such as cardiology or women’s health. If you or a family member has a chronic or complex condition, consider a PCP who has a specialty that meets your needs.


Do you prefer a PCP close to your home or your office? Maybe you’d like a PCP whose office staff speak English and Spanish. You might also consider things like office hours and appointment wait time.

Make an appointment

The best way to know if a PCP is the right choice is to meet them as soon as possible. Remember, if it doesn’t work out for you, you can change your designated PCP with Harvard Pilgrim at any time.