How to Keep Employees Engaged With Health Benefits Beyond Open Enrollment

Health benefits always get a lot of attention during open enrollment. But what about after that? What can you do to set up your employees to best use their health benefits in the coming year?

Here we explore key communications to raise with employees to help them feel confident and ready to use their health benefits and resources on an ongoing basis.

Remind employees to set up their online profile

Health insurer member portals help employees view and navigate essential plan and health information. In addition to reminding your employees to set up their online login, you can also help them understand how to best use their member dashboard by highlighting key tools and features. Harvard Pilgrim members have access to tools such as Find a Provider to help narrow down in-network care options and Estimate My Cost to compare costs for health services.

Keep key information organized

It’s a good idea to remind employees about the importance of having their ID card accessible for access to care and coverage. Harvard Pilgrim members can keep a digital version in their smartphone wallet for easy access. Also, ensure that employees know how to find and reference their benefits selections and documentation. And make sure they’re registered for any HR platforms your organization may offer with all key information consolidated in one place.

Establish an ongoing communication strategy

A consistent communication plan throughout the year can help employees stay proactive about their health, engaged with their benefits and feel supported with an array of resources and tools curated by your organization. To better understand gaps in benefits comprehension, consider circulating an employee survey. Including questions regarding how they prefer to receive benefits communications and what benefits they’d like to learn more about can help your organization adjust communication channels and topic priorities accordingly. You can also provide educational resources, like this series that helps employees navigate essential health insurance information, to ensure everyone has the same foundation of knowledge. As you’re executing your communication plan, make sure it includes key reminders, from setting up preventive care appointments to submitting fitness reimbursement forms.

Helping employees stay on top of their health benefits – any time of year – can help them better manage their health, their family’s health and help them best utilize all that your employee plan offers.