Bringing Humanity to Your Employeesʼ Health Challenges with Nurse Care Management

Employee talking to a nurse about prescriptions

Life is often unpredictable for you, your company, and your employees. When health challenges arise, some insurance companies treat their members like they’re all the same. But we know that each member of your team has their own unique health care needs. That’s why we offer comprehensive support and empowerment for many medical conditions with our nurse care managers.

The Nurse Care Manager Program

Nurse care managers partner with your qualified employees to manage treatment of their existing conditions, and guide them through the complex health care system by planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the health care options and services available to your employees. If your employees qualify for the program, they’ll get access to our Care Management app, helping them stay connected to their Nurse Care Manager guide no matter where they are.

"Nurse care managers partner with your qualified employees to manage treatment of their existing conditions, and guide them through the complex health care system."

Knowing If Your Employees Qualify

Our care management team uses several methods to determine which members may benefit most from our services, such as:

  • High-cost claims analysis
  • Hospital discharge review processes

  • Predictive modeling
  • Self-referral or physician referral

When we identify an employee who may benefit from care management, one of our nurses reaches out to them directly. The nurse care manager works with your employee to address their specific health needs, no matter what challenges they face.

Benefits to You

Our nurse care managers don’t just help your employees find treatment options. We work with each member, other health care resources, and primary care providers to offer your workforce specialized support services, including:

  • Assessment of their health care needs
  • Coordination of their health care services
  • Development of a health care plan, including education and disease prevention strategies, that’s customized to their needs

  • Help putting the plan into action and monitoring members to ensure success
  • Helping members find the highest quality care available in a location that’s best suited to them

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Special Programs and Services

Many of our nurses receive special training to provide specific services to members with complex health needs. From programs to help employees avoid hospitalization to our RN-24/7 toll-free nurse information line, we help your team stay as healthy as possible. Depending on your company’s insurance offerings, your employees may have access to other special programs and services, including:

  • Chronic kidney disease program
  • Health coach program
  • Medical social work services

  • Oncology (cancer) care management
  • Rare disease management

Watch the video below to see how these member-centric benefits helped one individual navigate his complex health care journey: