Overview of Plans

When you choose a Harvard Pilgrim plan for your employees, you can be assured you’ll receive personalized, quality, best-in-class service.

From fully insured options to self-insured/third party administrator options, we have a spectrum of offerings to help you reach your goals and bring savings opportunities and predictably to your monthly costs.

Explore our small group plans and large group plans for more details – including national solutions and funding arrangements.

Plan types


Your employees receive care within Harvard Pilgrim’s network and select a PCP for most of their care.


Your employees are covered within Harvard Pilgrim’s network for in-network services and have the option to get care outside the network for a higher out-of-pocket cost, without needing referrals.

Limited Network plans

Your employees’ costs are lower because the network of providers is smaller.

Tiered Network plans

These plans can be HMO or PPO. Providers fall into tiers which determine the price your employees pay. They can choose which tier from which to receive services.

Deductible/Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) plans

These plans can be HMO or PPO. Your employees meet a deductible before services are paid by Harvard Pilgrim. Sometimes the plan will have a funding arrangement like an HRA or an HSA to help them meet their deductible.

Medicare Enhance

Medicare Enhance brings affordable, excellent care to your retirees by filling in the gaps that Medicare doesn’t pay. Available through employers only, our flexible coverage arrangements are designed to meet varying  business needs.

Please note: Not all plans are available to all employers and/or individual members

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