Open enrollment resources

At Harvard Pilgrim, we make doing business easier.

We have the resources to make open enrollment easy for you, and your employees.

Open enrollment updates should be submitted early

Enrollment Forms (add/changes/terms) 30 days prior to renewal effective date, to ensure ID cards are received prior to effective date.

Electronic Enrollment updates – (Existing EDI submitters approved by HPHC, or via our Employer Account online tool) 3 weeks prior to renewal effective date, to receive ID cards prior to the effective date

Please note: Open Enrollment updates need to be submitted prior to the Billing Invoices date(s) to receive and accurate invoice

  • Paper Invoices 5th
  • Online Billing Invoices based on date selected by the group 15th, 20th, 25th


Harvard Pilgrim Employer Account

Tools for managing your Harvard Pilgrim account:

Real-time enrollment transactions
Add, change, or terminate an employees’ coverage

Download a roster of employees and dependents

Reconcile monthly premiums using online billing

ID cards
Order ID cards

Member transactions
Review, verify, and approve employees’ online enrollment transactions

Employer Account Tutorial

Begin administering Harvard Pilgrim enrollment & billing online benefits simply, quickly, and accurately. View this Harvard Pilgrim Employer Account step-by-step guide to get started.

View the guide

We help take the guess work out of choosing a plan

Pre-enrollment support for members includes a call line to our prospective member call center for questions about specific benefits and coverage.

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