MyHealthMath Can Help Your Employees Choose the Right Health Plan

Are you currently offering high-deductible, HSA plans to your employees, or thinking about it? Educating your employees about these types of plan options can be difficult and time-consuming, and your employees may be hesitant to get on board if they can’t make sense of all the information.

To help your employees better understand their options and select the best plan, Harvard Pilgrim is partnering with MyHealthMath, a confidential, personalized decision support service. It’s is available at no additional cost to fully insured employers and at a preferred rate for self-insured employers.

To be eligible to participate, you must

  • Have at least 100 subscribers
  • Offer two or more Harvard Pilgrim plan options
  • Offer at least one high-deductible or HSA-eligible plan.

How it works

Prior to open enrollment:

  • A MyHealthMath analyst conducts a 15-minute phone interview with the employee to find out their expected medical usage for the upcoming year.
  • MyHealthMath calculates the cost of the employee’s medical services for the year, for each health plan offered by your company.
  • MyHealthMath emails the employee a comparison report that breaks down the cost of each plan option.

Letting MyHealthMath do to the talking can save you time. And with the right information in hand, your employees can make an informed decision that in their best interest.

Watch this brief video to learn more.

For more details, contact your Harvard Pilgrim account executive or contact your broker.