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SaveOn Q&A

In addition to the member Q&A, here are answers to commonly asked questions by brokers.

What is the Broker's role with SaveOn?
The Broker’s role is to encourage groups to take advantage of SaveOn. At this time Harvard Pilgrim is not paying commission to Brokers on SaveOn referrals.

Will SaveOn be offered as an additional program to companies?
SaveOn is a voluntary savings and rewards program available as an added service for groups over 51+ employees. Employers can choose to offer SaveOn to employees.

Would this service be paired with any type of plan, e.g., HMO, POS or PPO, for MA/NH groups that meet the prospect profile?
SaveOn can be offered with any product in MA or NH except for Harvard Pilgrim's Focus or Limited Network products.

Will SaveOn utilize Harvard Pilgrim's tiering system?
For our tiered network product, Harvard Pilgrim determines provider tier classifications based on quality and cost performance for both facilities and providers. SaveOn utilizes a proprietary algorithm to identify low-cost providers, based on relative costs at the procedure level. Unlike Harvard Pilgrim’s tiered products, a member’s benefits do not change based on the provider. With SaveOn, if a member changes to a lower-cost provider, their coinsurance, copayments or deductible amounts do not change.

How will Harvard Pilgrim let employers and members know about SaveOn?
We will launch SaveOn to Small Group NH employers and members by sending letters in late February and in April respectively. We will also engage newly enrolled members through various forms of outreach (IVR calling, letters, emails, etc.)

What percent cost savings is there to employers?
As the SaveOn program is voluntary, savings vary based on the participation of employees. In addition to cost savings, our goal is to give patients the information they need to make health care decisions based on cost and quality.

What does an employer need to do to enroll in SaveOn?
The 51+ employer group needs to sign an employer agreement with the SaveOn subcontractor, Tandem Care, and also complete the Identification of Representative (IDR) form, naming the SaveOn subcontractor as the entity.

NH groups 1-50 are automatically enrolled.

Can SaveOn be offered off anniversary date?

How can I learn more about SaveOn?
Contact your Harvard Pilgrim account executive or call (800) 848-9995.