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Rewards for members who choose quality, lower-cost providers.

SaveOn helps employers lower health care costs by increasing awareness of medical cost differences without reducing benefits or cost shifting.


  • Engages members for making smarter health care choices and rewards them for doing so
  • Makes it simple for members to learn their options for outpatient tests and procedures with one phone call

How prices can vary:

Facility Price Distance from
member's home or work
Option 1 $750 11 miles
Option 2 $3,050 2 miles
Example of an MRI lumbar spine without contrast

How does SaveOn work?

  1. The member calls SaveOn whenever their doctor recommends a diagnostic test or procedure such as bone density study, colonoscopy, lab work, mammogram, radiology (e.g., MRI and CT scan), ultrasound, and other non-emergency outpatient tests and procedures.
  2. Specially trained SaveOn nurses compare the cost of health care facilities near the member’s home or work and informs them if there are any lower-cost, Harvard Pilgrim participating providers available in the area. SaveOn uses Harvard Pilgrim claims data to identify low cost providers. The SaveOn team can even reschedule the appointment and help with any necessary paperwork1
  3. Members who choose one of the lower-cost providers, and have their care with the low cost providers will earn a cash reward. Reward dollars are set by the employer group and may vary depending on the service and the associated cost savings2. Members receive the incentives check in the mail after Harvard Pilgrim processes the claim.

Promoting the program throughout the year
SaveOn’s success depends upon members knowing about the program, and we remind members periodically how to SaveOn.

Visit the Communications Toolkit for readymade templates.

Program eligibility
SaveOn, powered by Tandem Care, is available in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine to both self-insured groups and fully insured groups of 51 plus employees at discounted rates. In New Hampshire, it’s currently included with most NH-based, small group plans (up to 50 eligibles) at no cost to the employer.3

Learn more
Contact Harvard Pilgrim at (800) 848-9995.

Reward payments are considered taxable income.

1 Some plans require referrals and/or prior authorizations before members receive services from the lower-cost provider. SaveOn nurses remind members to consult with their specific Harvard Pilgrim plan documents for coverage.

2 Members enrolled through a MA-based employer may receive a maximum of five SaveOn rewards per calendar year.

3ElevateHealth plans do not include SaveOn.

Form No: NH3827430216SF
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Interaceive video
This SaveOn interactive presentation helps members learn how it works.