Estimate My Cost

Available for members in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

We know that health care and health insurance can sometimes be confusing. This tool lets you estimate health care costs for Harvard Pilgrim’s network of providers—before you receive services.

  • Find cost estimates for over 800 services, including office visits, lab and radiology services, outpatient procedures and inpatient procedures like surgery.
  • Use the filter to narrow or expand your search results by specialty, location and more
  • Compare cost estimates for up to four providers
  • Save and print your estimates

Why use this tool
Did you know that the cost of surgery can vary at two different hospitals, even if the same doctor is performing the surgery? Or, that one provider may charge more than another provider for the same X-ray?

By using this tool, you can make smarter decisions about your health care and you can better understand how your health plan works. This tool is especially helpful if you’re enrolled in a plan with a deductible.

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If you have questions about using the tool or the cost information available, call Member Services at (888) 333-4742.

Prices are generated by HealthTrio and Harvard Pilgrim. They are personalized estimates and may not reflect the actual total price. The estimates are based upon your Harvard Pilgrim plan as of today. However, the actual cost may differ if, for example, you receive additional services, your coverage changes, or the provider bills the service differently. Accordingly, you should not rely exclusively on this or any other price estimate to make your healthcare purchasing decisions.