Mind the Moment

An innovative mindfulness training program.

What's New?

Free Mindfulness Resources for Pain

  • Best practices and cutting-edge research on how mindfulness can help with chronic pain.
  • Stories of healing, practices for working with pain, and a look at the relevant research.
  • Available in text and audio versions.
  • Available in English and Spanish.

Mindfulness training enables people to tap into the brain's built-in capacity for focus and clarity.

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Our meditation hotline brings you bite-sized moments of mindfulness - available 24/7 from your phone. (877) 589-6736

Mind the Moment in the workplace

Mind the Moment provides mindfulness education, consulting services, and tools to effectively bring mindfulness to your employees.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness seminars
  • Workshops in applied mindfulness
  • Multi-session courses
  • Web-based learning resources
  • Live and web-based programs for clinicians
  • Executive education and leadership retreats
  • Keynote addresses by Tara Healey, founder and director of Mind the Moment
  • Strategies for creating and sustaining a culture of mindfulness at your company

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Mind the Moment for providers

Our full-day and half-day trainings teach health professionals and care-givers from all walks of life mindfulness-based techniques they can begin employing immediately to optimize patient interactions, increase resiliency, and embody their most deeply held values. Includes continuing education units and free access to best-in-class apps.

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