Mind the Moment

An innovative mindfulness training program.

What's New?

In times of uncertainty, Harvard Pilgrim’s mindfulness program is here, offering the communities we serve a sense of stability with programming designed especially for the public.

Mind the Moment: a coffee-house in the cloud, for building community, feeling connected, and getting centered.

Not able to get out? Let’s bring the feeling of community in.

Every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET, and every Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET, we’ll be getting our minds limbered up for the day with short bursts of mindfulness instruction, followed by mini meditations, all featuring our team of expert instructors.

Link for Tuesdays:

Link for Thursdays:

Power up with us via your computer or mobile device, and then check out our archive of back episodes on the Mind the Moment YouTube page.


New to Zoom? We’ve got you covered!

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Free Mindfulness Resources for Pain

  • Best practices and cutting-edge research on how mindfulness can help with chronic pain.
  • Stories of healing, practices for working with pain, and a look at the relevant research.
  • Available in text and audio versions.
  • Available in English and Spanish.

Mindfulness training enables people to tap into the brain's built-in capacity for focus and clarity.

Ready to take a closer look?

Our meditation hotline brings you bite-sized moments of mindfulness - available 24/7 from your phone. (877) 589-6736

Mind the Moment in the workplace

Mind the Moment provides mindfulness education, consulting services, and tools to effectively bring mindfulness to your employees.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness seminars
  • Workshops in applied mindfulness
  • Multi-session courses
  • Web-based learning resources
  • Live and web-based programs for clinicians
  • Executive education and leadership retreats
  • Keynote addresses by Tara Healey, founder and director of Mind the Moment
  • Strategies for creating and sustaining a culture of mindfulness at your company

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Mind the Moment for providers

Our full-day and half-day trainings teach health professionals and care-givers from all walks of life mindfulness-based techniques they can begin employing immediately to optimize patient interactions, increase resiliency, and embody their most deeply held values. Includes continuing education units and free access to best-in-class apps.

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