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Our award-winning health & disease management programs 

Whatever your health concerns, Harvard Pilgrim’s care managers can support you in reaching your wellness goals through our population health programs and offerings. For example, our specialized nurses offer personal support to help ensure the healthiest pregnancy. We also can help you learn more about and manage specific conditions such as diabetes, asthma and heart health. 

We also support our members living with multiple or complex conditions—such as chronic kidney disease—with care plans customized to address the unique needs of each.   

To learn more about these programs and if you may be eligible to enroll, just log in to your account to send us a confidential email. Or you can call us at (866) 750-2068. 

Questions about prior authorizations?  

Prior authorization is a process that requires either your provider or you to obtain approval from Harvard Pilgrim before receiving specific items and services. Since plan benefits vary, it’s important that you check your plan documents for details on what needs prior authorization. These are also easily found within your account.

If you have additional questions about prior authorizations, or if you or your provider wish to request one, please call (800) 708-4414.  

Urgent care options 

Behavioral Health “Virtual Visits”: Get care using your computer or mobile device*

The kind of behavioral health* support and therapy traditionally available through in-person (office) visits is also available through your smartphone, tablet or computer. These virtual visits conveniently connect you with licensed psychiatrists and therapists for help with concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues and stress. Providers can evaluate and treat general mental health conditions, provide therapy, and when appropriate, prescribe medications (in accordance with state licensure and regulatory requirements), just as with office-based visits ―  and the cost-sharing is the same.

*Not all employers and plans offer behavioral health coverage through Harvard Pilgrim. Please refer to your Schedule of Benefits for details on coverage.  

Teens:  Tips on the transition to adult care  

At age 18, young adults legally assume full responsibility of their health care information and decisions.  Here’s how you can help with your teen’s transition to adult care.    

Get input from those you trust
Your family pediatrician likely has very useful input on what timing makes sense and the kind of primary care doctor who might best meet your teen’s adult needs. Friends and family are also reliable resources.

Check them out
You can review the options using our Find a Doctor tool. You can filter candidates according to the experience and profile details most important to you and your family—such as languages spoken, gender, areas of special interest—to find the most suitable PCP for your teen.

Prepare for the first visit

  • Arrange medical records and insurance information is sent to the new provider.
  • Make a list of all current medicines and any allergies.
  • Bring a list of questions or concerns to discuss. 

How can we help? 
If you have questions or we can further assist you and your teen with this transition, please call Harvard Pilgrim’s Member Services department at (888) 333-4742. Representatives are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For TTY service, call 711. For privacy concerns, please review our Notice of Privacy Practices. ­­