Behavioral health care

Discover more about common behavioral health needs, when to seek help, how to find behavioral health providers and what you may expect from treatment.

Exploring behavioral health

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What is behavioral health care?

Behavioral health care is occasionally referred to as mental health care; however, the term behavioral health is more common now because it includes your behaviors and habits, as well as your mental and emotional wellness.1

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How behavioral health affects you?

Conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, stress management, addictions, eating disorders, relationship issues and others can affect how you think, feel and act. Your behavioral health determines how you handle stress, relate to others and make healthy choices. If you have a behavioral health need, you are not alone.  In fact, one study showed that about 20% of American adults have experienced a mental health issue at some point in their life.2

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Behavioral health tools

Talkspace digital therapy service and the Sanvello mobile app are customizable tools that make staying mentally fit easier — wherever you are. AbleTo, an online therapy and coaching program, helps you manage stress, anxiety and depression as you recover from serious health issues or deal with major life events.

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Common behavioral health conditions

Knowing the signs and symptoms of behavioral or mental health conditions can make it easier for you to seek help.

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When is it time to seek help?

We all feel stressful and anxious from time to time, but when mood changes begin to affect your daily life, it may be time to see a behavioral health provider.

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Behavioral health treatment options

Unsure of what to expect when working with a behavioral health provider? Treatments like therapy, medication and other options vary depending on your personal situation.

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Find a behavioral health provider

If you believe you or a family member needs help, you are not alone. There are a number of options to get the care you need.

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Additional resources for support

Harvard Pilgrim offers a wide range of special programs to help support your mental and emotional health.

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