Submit Auth. Requests via HPHConnect Including Oncology

You probably already know that you can submit authorization requests for services that Harvard Pilgrim manages directly via HPHConnect, but did you know that the HPHConnect single sign on feature makes submitting authorization requests to our vendor partners a snap too? And that feature is now available for Oncology Analytics.

Harvard Pilgrim began requiring prior authorization for outpatient chemotherapy (infused and/or injected) and radiation therapy for dates of service beginning Sept. 1 for our commercial and Medicare Advantage members. While you can make a request one of several ways, for speed and convenience we encourage providers to submit their requests electronically — accessing Oncology Analytics’ online portal via HPHConnect.

Simply log in to HPHConnect, which you can access from our provider website ( or at Navigate to the “Office Management” drop down menu and select the appropriate vendor partner.

Single sign on is available for:

  • Oncology Analytics
  • AIM Specialty Health
  • CVS/Novologix

Once you select the vendor link, you’ll be taken to their authorization portal (see the Oncology Analytics example below) and you can begin to submit your request.

For our commercial members, after you’ve submitted your authorization request, you’ll be able to check its status in HPHConnect and take advantage of HPHConnect’s other features including verifying patient eligibility, submitting and checking claims, and accessing a variety of reports and tools.

For more on HPHConnect, visit our Electronic Tools and HPHConnect webpage; in addition, visit the Vendor Programs page for information on our partnerships.

Publication Information

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Director, Network Operations

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