Reminder: NICU Program with ProgenyHealth

As a reminder, Harvard Pilgrim has a partnership with ProgenyHealth, which specializes in neonatal care management services for the first year of life, to promote healthy outcomes for newborns who are premature and have medically complex needs. ProgenyHealth’s neonatologists, pediatricians, and neonatal nurse case managers work closely with neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) physicians, nurses, and facilities to perform utilization management, review of level of care, and discharge planning for babies receiving NICU care.

The program applies for members of our commercial products, and will be offered to self-insured accounts beginning in September. Please notify Harvard Pilgrim of all non-routine newborn care (Level II-IV), including all NICU admissions, as outlined in our Non-Routine Newborn Care NICU Admission Notification Policy. Notification may be done electronically through HPHConnector NEHEN or via fax (800-232-0816) or phone (800-708-4414).

After receiving notification, Harvard Pilgrim will inform ProgenyHealth, and their clinical staff will contact the appropriate staff at the NICU facility. The NICU program takes a collaborative approach with care providers, working with NICU physicians and nurses to share best practices and achieve the best possible outcomes. In addition, ProgenyHealth offers services to families, including a dedicated case manager to support them, as well as access to an extensive online information library and an on-call staff member available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Additional information about ProgenyHealth’s services is available at

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