Important Information and Resources During COVID-19

We’re here to support you, our members, and employers during the COVID-19 public health crisis. We’re continually assessing and adapting our policies and business operations to support our members in receiving the care they need, including any necessary testing and treatment for COVID-19, and to aid our provider partners in ensuring that patients can safely access the care they need. Please review these materials to learn more about what we’re doing.


Harvard Pilgrim Announces Aid for Employers, Members, and Providers

Harvard Pilgrim is providing $32 million in premium credits to all its fully-insured employer groups, as well as to Medicare Supplement members. In addition, we will provide $3 million in financial support to independent primary care physicians and $3 million to support community health centers.

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Provider Information Sheet

Updated 09.22.2020

Please refer to this document for information on our adapted policies and business operations. Get answers to questions on coverage, coding/billing, telemedicine, pharmacy, and more.

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Commercial Interim Telemedicine/Telehealth Payment Policy (COVID-19 Pandemic)

Harvard Pilgrim is emphasizing telemedicine/telehealth to members and expanding the scope of our coverage; refer to this interim policy for guidance on coverage and billing.

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Expedited credentialing and enrollment process

Instructions on how to utilize our expedited credentialing and enrollment process to bring clinicians onboard quickly to address the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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Harvard Pilgrim’s coronavirus microsite

Tips to help protect yourself, as well as links to CDC and state health departments.

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