Medicare Advantage: Hypertension Program

As part of Harvard Pilgrim’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Chronic Care Improvement Program, Harvard Pilgrim developed a hypertension program to help support you, your practice and your patients diagnosed with hypertension. Below are just a few ways Harvard Pilgrim supports our Medicare Advantage members, and the primary care providers (PCPs) treating them.

Harvard Pilgrim sends an antihypertensive medication adherence report annually in the fall to PCPs, which lists Medicare Advantage members who have a diagnosis of hypertension and a gap in refilling their antihypertensive medication within the past 60 days. It also includes a graph displaying antihypertensive fill history, prescribers’ names, and phone numbers, as well as contact information for Harvard Pilgrim’s pharmacists for review or consultation.

In addition, every month, Harvard Pilgrim sends a Controlling Blood Pressure booklet to Medicare Advantage members newly identified as having hypertension. The booklet encourages:

  • Self-monitoring of blood pressure control
  • Physician-member engagement and medication review
  • Medication adherence through a medication chart and adherence apps
  • Blood pressure screening at every office visit or at least annually to identify, prevent, and treat uncontrolled high blood pressure and complications
  • Blood pressure monitoring at home and describes how to get a blood pressure monitor
  • Support through our nurse care manager program. To refer a patient, call 866-750-2068

In Harvard Pilgrim’s StrideSM (HMO) Member Newsletter, we include hypertension-related articles for our Medicare Advantage members at least once a year, covering topics such as the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Eating Plan, medication adherence tools, and tips to control blood pressure at least once a year. This information can be found on the Health and Wellness page in the Medicare Advantage section of Harvard Pilgrim’s member website.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call 800-287-9793.