Medical Policy Update: Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Harvard Pilgrim is updating our commercial Allergy Immunotherapy Medical Policy, which will be renamed Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy, effective for dates of service beginning Oct. 1, 2020.

The policy is being bolstered with extensive specific criteria for coverage of a number of types of tests, as well as several tests and services that are excluded from coverage. In addition, CPT codes 86001 (Allergen specific IgG quantitative or semiquantitative, each allergen) and 86005 (Allergen specific IgE; qualitative, multiallergen screen [dipstick, paddle or disk]) will be excluded from coverage.

As a reminder, Harvard Pilgrim does not require prior authorization for allergy testing and immunotherapy. For more information, please refer to the updated Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy Medical Policy. 

Publication Information

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Director, Network Operations

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