Help Us Keep Directory Information Up to Date

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and other regulatory bodies, as well as the federal No Surprises Act of 2021, require health plans to maintain and update data in provider directories — and we rely on providers to review their data and notify us of changes as they happen to ensure that members have access to accurate information. Provider demographic information in our Provider Directory must reflect accurate data at all times and should mirror the information members may receive directly from the practice or via patient appointment call centers.

On at least a quarterly basis, providers should review and verify the accuracy of their demographic data displayed in our Provider Directory. Any changes to data should be reported via the CAQH ProView DirectAssure® tool for those who have implemented it. If your practice has not yet implemented CAQH, please submit a Provider Change Form to Harvard Pilgrim’s Provider Processing Center by email at to report changes to demographic data or to your address, panel status (open or closed) for each individual provider, institutional affiliations, phone number, or other practice data.

Consistent with provisions related to the federal No Surprises Act of 2021, failure to review and update demographic information at least quarterly may result in suppression from Harvard Pilgrim’s Provider Directory until the information is validated. In addition, if Harvard Pilgrim identifies potentially inaccurate provider information in the directory, we may outreach to your practice to validate or obtain accurate information. If we are unable to obtain a timely response, the provider’s applicable location may be subject to suppression in the directory until up-to-date information is received.

In addition, please keep the following in mind:

  • Practice location — As new providers join your practice, it is important that only practice locations where the provider regularly administers direct patient care are submitted for inclusion in the Harvard Pilgrim provider directory. Locations in which a provider may occasionally render indirect care — such as interpretation of tests or inpatient-only care — should be specified to ensure the location information is included in the provider’s demographic profile, but not in the provider directory.
  • Timely notice — As a reminder, notification of address, acceptance of new patients, provider terminations, and other demographic information changes should be submitted at least 30 days in advance.
  • CAQH information — For more information about CAQH ProView DirectAssure, including benefits, how the process works, and a demonstration video on how to use it, visit the DirectAssure page on CAQH’s website.

For questions, call the commercial Provider Service Center at 800-708-4414 or the Medicare Advantage Provider Service Center at 888-609-0692.

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