COVID-19 Reminders and Resources

Harvard Pilgrim continues to work to support our provider partners, members, and employer groups through the COVID-19 pandemic. We regularly monitor the situation in our service areas and update our COVID-19 resources for providers to ensure you have the information you need to do business with us.

We encourage you to visit our  provider COVID-19 page to access a number of up-to-date resources to aid you in conducting operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including our Provider FAQ with information on coverage and coding of antibody testing and telemedicine/telehealth, as well as our commercial Interim Telemedicine/Telehealth Payment Policy (COVID-19 Pandemic).

As reopening occurs, Harvard Pilgrim would like to re-emphasize the following key messages:

  • While more in-person services are available, telehealth should continue to the extent clinically appropriate and feasible during the re-opening phases
  • We encourage providers to remind patients that it is important not to defer necessary care, including vaccinations and preventive care. Harvard Pilgrim has launched a health services initiative to support our provider network in your efforts to get patients in for vaccinations. The initiative is focused on reminding our members of the importance of getting vaccinated and assuring them that doctors’ offices and clinics are taking the necessary precautions so they can continue to come in and receive their immunizations.

You’ll find more detailed provider-focused information on our provider website. We hope you find our COVID-19 resources helpful. Please continue to let us know how we can support you by contacting the Provider Service Center at 800-708-4414 or your Provider Relations Consultant or Contract Manager as appropriate.

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