Check Out Our Latest Provider Training Video

Whether you are new to our network or would like a quick refresher, the short training videos on our Provider Training and Events page offer step-by-step guidance around common transactions to make doing business with us easier than ever.

We’ve recently added a new video to our library, which is called Searching for In-Network Providers in the Provider Directory and highlights the basic information needed for an effective search of Harvard Pilgrim’s provider network. The video also guides you through several examples of ways to use our Provider Directory.

Visit our Provider Training and Events page today to access our entire library of videos! You can also share your ideas for future trainings on the page — simply click on the “Share Your Suggestion” button to submit ideas for tools and training videos you would like to see on the Provider Training and Events page!

Publication Information

Helen Connaughton,
Director, Network Operations

Annmarie Dadoly,

Joseph O’Riordan,

Kristin Edmonston,
Production Coordinator