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Sponsored Programs Application (SPA)

Proposal Processing
SOPs hardware, software and ASPs

All investigators planning a research, teaching or service program must fill out the Harvard Pilgrim Sponsored Programs Application (SPA), whether or not funding is involved. The Investigator submits the completed Initial Application to his/her Grant Manager in the Office of Sponsored Programs.

For questions, contact Charlotte Johnson by e-mail or by phone at 617-867-4929.

Sponsored Programs Application
SPA Form
SPA Appendix A
SPA Appendix B
SPA Appendix C
SPA Appendix D
SPA Routing form

See IRBNET.ORG Library for the Following Forms:

  • Not Human Subject Determination
  • Exempt Determination Form
  • Initial application
  • Initial Application (Data + Records Only)
Supplement A: Special Protections for Children
Supplement B: Pregnant Women and Fetuses
Supplement C: Genetic Analysis
Supplement D: Drugs/ Biologics/ Devices
Supplement E: Exposure to Ionizing Agents
Supplement F: Exposure to Non-Ionizing Agents
Supplement G: Request for Waiver of Authorization
APPENDIX Protocol, budget and budget justification

Sections Needed by Project Type
Type of Project Sections Needed
All Projects I, II, and Appendix
Projects requiring Access to HPHC/HVMA Data III
Projects requiring cost sharing IV
Projects having impact on HPHC/HVMA departments/sites V
Projects having an impact on DPM VI
Projects requiring stipend VII
Projects requiring justification for sole sourcing subrecipient/vendor VIII
Projects involving foreign collaborations IX
Projects eligible for exemption or not human subjects determination Appropriate Determination
Projects involving human subjects or their medical data One of the Original Applications
Projects involving children Supplement A
Projects involving pregnant woman, neonates, or fetuses Supplement B
Projects involving genetic analysis Supplement C
Projects involving drugs, biologics, or devices Supplement D
Projects involving X-Rays, CT, fluoroscopy, radiopharmaceuticals Supplement E
Projects involving MRIs, ultrasound, lasers UV radiation Supplement F
Projects requiring HIPAA waiver Supplement G

Do you have concerns about a particular research study? Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute provides you with access to two hotlines on which you can share your concerns:

  • Research Participant Concerns: 1-800-807-6812
  • Research Misconduct Concerns: 1-617-867-4817

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Sponsored Programs Application

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