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System Requirements

What do I need to in order run HPHConnect on my computer?
All you need is an Internet connection through an ISP (Internet Service Provider), a standard Web browser and Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® (available as a free download from the Adobe Web site).

Component Minimum Requirement Preferred Requirement
Screen Resolution 1024x768  1280x960
Operating System

Microsoft Supported versions of Windows

Microsoft Supported versions of Windows

Apple Supported versions of Mac OS

Apple Supported versions of Mac OS

Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer 9+
Firefox (Latest)
Safari or Chrome (Latest) 

Internet Explorer 11
Firefox (Latest)
Safari or Chrome (Latest)
Browser Encryption Strength 128-bit 128-bit
Internet Connection Internet Connection  High speed connection (T1, DSL, Cable, etc.)
Plugins  Some components of the platform require additional plug-ins or applications such as Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader. If these applications are not installed on your system, the tools within the platform may not work as designed.

Can I be sure that the information going over the Internet is kept secure and confidential?
Yes. HPHConnect utilizes the following:

  • Independent 3rd-party vendors to perform security checks on Harvard Pilgrim web services, on average twice per year
  • "State-of-the-art" authentication and authorization software to manage and enforce access controls
  • Password standards that are robust and meet or exceed industry password standards
  • 128-bit SSL encryption which is the same standard the financial industry uses for home banking services
  • A sophisticated Intrusion Detection System performs real-time monitoring, notification of events, and immediate response to any suspicious activity
Can another provider see my claims?
No. A provider can only see claims related to their individual practice or physician group. Harvard Pilgrim will work with you to provide the access you need while ensuring confidentiality for our providers and members. If I refer a patient to a specialist, will I be able to see the claim that the specialist submits?
No, you will not be able to view claims for providers outside your individual practice or physician group. Our office is also a Harvard Pilgrim employer group. Why are there two security agreements; how does one differ from the other?
The Privacy and Security Agreement is a legal document signed by a representative of Harvard Pilgrim and the person in the provider organization responsible for signing contractual agreements (i.e., provider, office manager, Medical Director, CFO, etc.). The purpose of this agreement is to protect the confidentiality of Harvard Pilgrim member information. The User Agreement confirms that the individual users understand and will protect the confidentiality of the Harvard Pilgrim member information obtained.
Technical Support and Service
What if I need help once I start using HPHConnect?
Call the HPHConnect Service Center at 800-676-2769 whenever you need assistance.

What if I forgot my user ID and/or password for HPHConnect?
If you forgot your HPHConnect password, go to https://www.healthtrioconnect.com, click on "Forgot your password", enter your user ID and select "View" to display your password reminder or "Reset" to change your password.

Other Technologies

Our office uses a POS device, why do I need HPHConnect?
HPHConnect has four major advantages over POS devices:

  1. HPHConnect is free and there is no transaction cost. With the POS device, there is a cost to purchase the service, along with a cost of approximately 21 cents per transaction.
  2. HPHConnect updates member eligibility information every 24 hours, ensuring the most up-to-date information is available. The information obtained through the POS device is only updated weekly.
  3. HPHConnect provides a 13-month history of member activity. The POS device does not provide a member history.
  4. In addition to member eligibility, HPHConnect provides other features, such as claims status inquiry, and online notification, authorization and referral capabilities.

Acrobat Reader *Acrobat Reader required to view PDF files. Download latest version free.