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Fundamentals of Sponsored Programs

Topic Presenter
Module 1: OSP Overview and Lifecycle of a Grant/Contract
Lifecycle of a Grant/Contract Cary Williams

Timeline Example 1

Maya Dutta-Linn
Timeline Example 2 Julie McGrath
Module 2: Research Integrity and Compliance
Research Integrity and Compliance Amy Hudspeth Cabell
Module 3: Budget
Budget Nwenna Swan, Meg Powers
Handout Packet Nwenna Swan
Budget Justification Example

Budget Example

Calendar months to % effort conversion chart Nwenna Swan
Percent of Time & Effort to Person Months (PM) Interactive Conversion Table Jessica Meuleman
GSA Per Diem Rates Website Jessica Meuleman
Module 4: IRB/FCOI
IRB/FCOI Paula Tebeau
Key Take-Away Handout Paula Tebeau
Module 5: Labor Distribution
Labor Distribution Cary Williams, Meg Powers

Do you have concerns about a particular research study? Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute provides you with access to two hotlines on which you can share your concerns:

  • Research Participant Concerns: 1-800-807-6812
  • Research Misconduct Concerns: 1-617-867-4817