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About the Research Integrity and Compliance Office

The Research Integrity & Compliance Office is an administrative department which reviews, approves, and oversees the non-fiscal component of all human subjects research conducted at HPHC/I. Our mission is to protect the rights and welfare of research participants and to provide administrative support to the HPHC/I research community. This office oversees compliance matters pertaining to public health surveillance as well as research, including, but not limited to conflicts of interest, export controls, intellectual property, IRB operations, research integrity and the quality assurance/quality improvement program. The research integrity and compliance annual work plan sets forth the compliance structure for developing and implementing the various program goals and includes metrics tracking to improve performance, efficiency and research support.

Research Integrity and Compliance Staff

Research Integrity & Compliance Officer
Amy Hudspeth Cabell, JD, MBA
Amy Hudspeth Cabell has served as Research Integrity & Compliance Officer at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute since June 2015. In this role, she is responsible for management of the Institute’s research compliance program, including conflicts of interest management, research integrity matters, export controls, intellectual property, quality improvement and quality assurance initiatives, and oversight of the Institute’s human subjects research protection program. She serves as the primary interface with state and federal regulatory agencies, collaborating institutions, investigators, and research participants regarding research compliance and regulatory issues A health care attorney with 20+ years experience, Amy is a former assistant attorney general and health system in-house counsel with experience providing legal advice  on human subjects research, bioethics, the legal aspects of patient care, fraud and abuse, and compliance program development and implementation.  

Senior Compliance Manager, IRB
Paula Tebeau, CIP

Paula Tebeau has been a part of the IRB Office since September 2010. In her current role, she is responsible for administrative management of the IRB. Paula has been involved in the field of human subjects’ research since 2003 having worked for an independent IRB prior to joining HPHCI.

Administrative Specialist
Deirdre Neylon

Deirdre Neylon has been an administrative specialist in the Research Integrity & Compliance Office since 2015. 

Do you have concerns about a particular research study? Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute provides you with access to two hotlines on which you can share your concerns:

  • Research Participant Concerns: 1-800-807-6812
  • Research Misconduct Concerns: 1-617-867-4817

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