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Intellectual Property (IP)

The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute Intellectual Property Policy governs the ownership and disposition of intellectual property arising from or relating to research performed by HPHC/I or embodied in publications, administrative or clinical programs, processes or products developed by HPHC/I. The intent of this policy is to enable research results, discoveries and inventions to benefit the health of society through commercialization or widespread dissemination. This policy applies to all faculty, employees, students, postdoctoral fellows and non-employees who use HPHC’s and HPHC/I’s funds, facilities or resources and requires all such individuals to disclose discoveries, inventions, and copyrightable works to HPHC/I in a timely manner.


Amy Hudspeth Cabell, JD, MBA

Do you have concerns about a particular research study? Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute provides you with access to two hotlines on which you can share your concerns:

  • Research Participant Concerns: 1-800-807-6812
  • Research Misconduct Concerns: 1-617-867-4817

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