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SaveOn Q&A

What is SaveOn?
The SaveOn program engages and enables members to make smarter health care choices, and rewards them for doing so. SaveOn makes it easy to find care at a lower cost for elective, outpatient medical procedures and diagnostic tests.

Is SaveOn voluntary?
SaveOn is completely voluntary. Members do not need to call SaveOn and can choose not to use a lower-cost plan provider.

How does SaveOn work?

  1. The member calls SaveOn whenever their doctor recommends a diagnostic test or procedure such as bone density study, colonoscopy, lab work, mammogram, radiology (e.g., MRI and CT scan), ultrasound, and other non-emergency outpatient tests and procedures.
  2. Specially trained SaveOn nurses compare the cost of health care facilities near the member’s home and informs them if there are any lower-cost, Harvard Pilgrim participating providers available in the area. SaveOn uses Harvard Pilgrim claims data to identify low cost providers. The SaveOn team can even reschedule the appointment and help with any necessary paperwork.
  3. Members who choose one of the lower-cost providers, and have their care with the low-cost providers will earn a cash reward. Reward dollars depend on the service and the associated cost savings. Members receive the incentives check in the mail after Harvard Pilgrim processes the claim.

What if I’m already seeing the lowest cost provider?
If a member is already going to a lower-cost provider, they can still earn a reward.  The SaveOn nurse will explain the amount of the reward and any minimum saving requirement your employer may require.

What are the criteria for recommending providers of service?
It’s based on a minimum threshold of cost savings and geographic convenience. SaveOn nurses offer several provider choices.

How do I know if I’m eligible to use the SaveOn program?
You will receive a letter from Harvard Pilgrim stating that your eligible in this program. You may also contact our Member Services department.

What are the reward amounts?
Reward amounts vary depending on your employer.  When you call, your SaveOn nurse will tell you the reward rules that apply to your employer group and the amount you will receive if you choose one of the lower-cost providers identified by SaveOn.

Is there a limit to the number of rewards?
In NH and ME, there is no limit to the number of rewards a member can receive for qualified medical procedures and diagnostic tests. In MA, you may receive a maximum of five SaveOn rewards per calendar year. In all cases, reward payments are considered taxable income.

What procedures are excluded?
The following services are currently not included in the SaveOn Program: infertility services, mental health care services - including substance abuse disorders, prescription drugs except for those that are covered under the medical plan, sleep studies and emergency services.

To avoid disruption of established doctor/member relationship, SaveOn does not refer members to specific physicians or specialists.

How do I contact a SaveOn nurse?
You can call the SaveOn phone line at 1-855-7SaveOn or 1-855-772-8366.