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SaveOn your medical costs today

Choose lower-cost, Harvard Pilgrim-participating plan providers for select outpatient tests and procedures and save. With one simple call, you can earn cash rewards and lower your out-of-pocket costs.

How to SaveOn and earn rewards

1. Call the SaveOn nurse at (855) 7SaveOn (855-772-8366) when your doctor orders an outpatient test or procedure like:

  • Bone density study
  • Colonoscopy
  • Radiology (e.g., MRI and CT scan)
  • Lab work
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound
  • Other outpatient tests and procedures
  • See list of excluded services.

2. A SaveOn nurse will tell you the prices paid to providers in your area for the test or procedure your doctor has ordered.

3. If you choose to get care from an identified lower-cost provider, you’ll receive a reward once Harvard Pilgrim processes the claim, typically within 45 days after you receive your Activity Statement from Harvard Pilgrim.* The amount of your reward will depend on the reward schedule your employer chooses.

This program is completely voluntary. You do not need to call the SaveOn phone line or use an identified lower-cost plan provider unless you choose to.

More ways SaveOn nurses help

  • If you choose one of the identified low-cost providers, the SaveOn nurse can even reschedule your appointment for you and assist with any necessary paperwork.**
  • The nurse can assist you in accessing public sources of information about the quality of care of health care providers.

Program eligibility
Eligible members will receive notification from Harvard Pilgrim about this program. You also can check with your employer to see if your company participates.

Contact us
Call the SaveOn phone line at (855) 7SaveOn (855-772-8366), e-mail Harvard Pilgrim’s Member Services department or call 1-888-333-4742.

Reward payments are considered taxable income. For tax information on reward payments, please consult your employer.

* If you’re enrolled through a MA-based employer, you may receive a maximum of five SaveOn rewards per calendar year.

** Your plan may require a referral and/or prior authorization before you receive services from the lower cost provider. To ensure the services will be covered, please refer to your plan documents or contact Harvard Pilgrim for more information.


Form No: NH3834530216SF

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Interaceive video
Watch our interactive presentation to learn how SaveOn works.