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Everything you need to quit smoking cigarettes

Save 18% off one of the most effective, self-help quit smoking programs available!

Why QuitSmart?
Looking to quit smoking? QuitSmart is here to help! Developed by the Director of the Duke University Quit Smoking Clinic, QuitSmart has been proven most effective in three published scientific studies.

In a study conducted at five U.S. Air Force bases, 66% of those who participated in a QuitSmart Quit Smoking program were still smoke free after 6 months, versus 16 to 30% of those who participated in four other well-known quit smoking programs (published in Federal Practitioner, March 2002).

What's included in the QuitSmart Kit?

  • QuitSmart Stop Smoking Guidebook
  • QuitSmart Hypnosis CD
  • QuitSmart Cigarette Substitute

The Kit is available in English and Spanish.

What's different about QuitSmart?

  • Costs less and takes less time than other stop smoking programs
  • In four separate studies, QuitSmart has produced quit rates up to 66 percent. With most programs, about a quarter of the smokers manage to quit after six months or a year.
  • QuitSmart includes the treatments that most smokers want: hypnosis, a cigarette substitute and recommendations for the use of medications such as the nicotine patch or Zyban tablet.
  • The QuitSmart Guidebook explains a new way to use the nicotine skin patch that can quadruple your chance of success - based on new research at Duke University.

How to receive your Harvard Pilgrim discount
Visit www.quitsmart.com and enter the code "HPHC" under Voucher. Then, click on recalculate to see your savings of 18%. Pay $26.23 (regularly $31.99) plus shipping.

You also can call 888-737-6278 to order. Be sure to mention you're a Harvard Pilgrim member to receive your discounted rate.