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Grantees: Culture InSight

The HHS Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities identifies place-based initiatives as an important strategy for eliminating health disparities.

From 2012 through 2015, Culture InSight, through its Partnering for Healthy Communities program, will work with five organizations in MA, ME and NH, to support the following place-based projects.

Addressing Health Disparities through a Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration (NH)

The New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership (H&EP) supports collaborations that promote health equity.

Grant Program Goals:
The project goal is to diversify the health care workforce and improve the ability of existing health care professionals to provide culturally appropriate care by building a coalition of key healthcare leadership organizations.

Culture InSight will assist H&EP as follows:

  • Work with 7-10 health profession schools in the higher education consortium to improve their ability to enroll and educate diverse students.
  • Create and educate a core group of 35 trainers in seven health care organizations who can sustain initiatives to provide culturally effective health care.
  • Create a long term strategic plan for the NH Diversity Task Force with input from health system executives and leaders.

Infusing Mass in Motion with Health Equity (MA)

Mass in Motion, a public-private partnership between the Mass. Dept. of Public Health, Health Resources in Action and municipal leaders, is an obesity prevention program that promotes healthy eating and active living.

Grant Program Goals:
To enhance the effectiveness of Mass in Motion in communities experiencing health disparities, Culture InSight will assist Mass in Motion partnerships in the development of culturally appropriate policies:

  • Conduct three regional training workshops for program coordinators at 39 new Mass in Motion partnerships.
  • Provide targeted training and technical assistance to eight Mass in Motion communities facing the greatest health disparities.

Health Ambassadors Disparities Program (ME)

Daniel Hanley Center Health Leadership Development Program provides participants with the skills and knowledge they need to be effective health care leaders in Maine.

Grant Program Goals:
The goal of the Health Ambassadors Disparities Program is to create a network of Leadership Development alumni to implement community level projects which address health disparities.

Culture InSight will provide support, training and feedback to Health Ambassadors over the remainder of the program which concludes in December 2013.

Improving Pregnancy Care and Early Childhood Visit Rates in the Latina Community in Lawrence (MA)

Neighborhood Health Plan, a nonprofit managed care organization serving diverse communities, has identified a disparity in prenatal and maternal-infant follow up care among 700+ Latina women and over 500 children in the first 15 months after birth.

Grant Program Goals:
NHP will work with Culture InSight to assess barriers to care among Latina women and their children and design a program to bridge the gap in care:

  • Build a coalition of three or more community stakeholders to identify why Latina women are not accessing crucial health care.
  • Design an intervention strategy and train NHP staff.
  • Assist NHP in evaluating improvements in health care provided to Latina women and their children.

Latino and Brazilian Disparities Project: Organizational Cultural Competence (MA)

Advocates Inc , South Middlesex Opportunity Council and Wayside Youth and Family Support Network are partnering to provide services to individuals and families with cognitive and psychiatric disabilities.

Grant Program Goals:
The partnership has identified a disparity in access to mental health services among Latino and Brazilian communities in Metro West Massachusetts. Culture InSight will assist the collaboration as follows:

  • Develop and assist in the implementation of a plan to improve the partnership’s ability to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care to Latino and Brazilian communities.
  • Analyze and evaluate strategic plan results.