3-Tier Value Formulary
Drug Tier Look-Up (2018)

To find out what tier a covered medication is on, enter a portion of the drug name in the box below and click Find.

Tier Description

$0 | Zero Cost Share Eligible $0 indicates that the drug may be covered at $0 copayment for some benefit plans.
Tier 1 | $ Tier 1 is made up of generics only. These drugs contain the same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts.
Tier 2 | $$ Tier 2 is primarily made up of preferred brand name drugs for which there are no generic equivalents available. These drugs have been selected because of their overall high value based on a review of the relative safety, effectiveness and cost of the many brand name drugs on the market. Tier 2 may also include some generic drugs that have lower-cost or over-the-counter alternatives available.
Tier 3 | $$$ Tier 3 is primarily made up of preferred specialty drugs and non-preferred brand name and specialty drugs. Tier 3 may also include some generic drugs that have lower-cost or over-the-counter alternatives available.
MD Medical
N/C Drug is not covered.

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Certain controlled substances and other prescribed medications may be subject to dispensing limitations, exclusions or restrictions as required by state and federal law or benefit plan design. Please contact Member Services if you have any additional questions.

Some hospitals and physician practices have lists of drugs that they prefer their doctors to prescribe.(Such a list might be called a "Drug Formulary" or a "Preferred Drug List.") Hospital or physician drug lists do not effect the coverage provided by Harvard Pilgrim and its affiliated health plans. Harvard Pilgrim's prescription coverage is generally explained in the Prescription Drug Brochure for the benefit plan in which a member is enrolled.

Please Note: This list represents only the most commonly prescribed drugs. Harvard Pilgrim makes regular changes based on the FDA approval process and decisions made by the Harvard Pilgrim Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee. Therefore, this list is subject to change at any time.