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We offer many ways to help your employees save money, help with health concerns or conditions, manage stress and make smart choices about over-the-counter medicines. All Discounts and Savings

Medical and Pharmacy

Transparency tools, pharmacy information and other resources for when members need guidance with their care.

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand

Pharmacy Program

Offering access to a wide variety of safe and effective medications.

Pharmacy Program

Urgent Care Options

Members have a variety of cost-effective options when seeking medical care related to an injury or illness that is not life-threatening.

Urgent Care Options

Member Savings

Programs for helping members keep more of their money.

Member Discounts & Savings

Easy ways your employees can maximize their benefits and save even more.

Discounts & Savings

Estimate My Cost

This search tool lets members find and compare estimated health care costs before they receive services. It’s available to members in CT, MA, ME and NH.

Estimate My Costs

Reduce My Costs

Voluntary program that makes it easy for members to save money by finding care at a lower-cost facility for elective, outpatient medical procedures and diagnostic tests.

Reduce My Costs

Additional Products & Programs


Are you currently offering high-deductible, HSA plans to your employees, or thinking about it? Educating your employees about these types of plan options can be difficult and time-consuming, and your employees may be hesitant to get on board if they can’t make sense of all the information.

To help your employees better understand their options and select the best plan, Harvard Pilgrim is partnering with MyHealthMath, a confidential, personalized decision support service. It’s is available at no additional cost to fully insured employers and at a preferred rate for self-insured employers.

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Personalized Healthy Living Program

Gain Life is the first healthy-living program to personalize by gender, mindset and goals. This 16-week weight loss program gives members a customized nutrition and activity plan and access to the program’s tools and resources to keep them motivated and feeling great.  And you’ll benefit by having healthy, happy and engaged employees. This program is available to all fully insured accounts for no additional charge and self-insured accounts for a fee. Please contact your Harvard Pilgrim account executive for more information.

View the Gain Life flyer for employees
Visit gainlife.com

HSAs and HRAs

HSAs and HRAs can offset the costs of high-deductible health plans and motivate members to make smarter health care decisions. Our preferred vendors can get you and your clients started.

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Mind the Moment

Mind the Moment

Student Insurance

Student Insurance for Colleges and Universities

Underwritten by HPHC Insurance Company (“HPHC”) and administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.

Student Insurance

Visiting Family Medical Coverage

Harvard Pilgrim offers temporary medical coverage to international travelers visiting friends and family in the U.S., offering a limited and premium coverage product, Visitor Care and Patriot America*

For more information on Visiting Family Medical Coverage, please contact Rose Hom at:  rose_hom@harvardpilgrim.org

*Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, through its affiliate HPHC Insurance Agency, Inc. makes referrals for travel medical insurance to International Medical Group (IMG). HPHC Insurance Agency receives a commission for each individual it refers to IMG who is subsequently enrolled into its plan. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care does not underwrite or bind individuals to coverage offered by IMG. Such coverage is not in any way connected to health coverage offered through Harvard Pilgrim Health Care or its affiliates.


Harvard Pilgrim and Guardian are partnering to provide a full line of ancillary insurance products to employers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Learn how you can save money and provide more options for your employees.

Guardian Ancillary Products

HSAs and HRAs

HSAs and HRAs can offset the costs of high-deductible health plans and motivate members to make smarter health care decisions. Our preferred vendors can get you started.

HSAs and HRAs

Population Health

Wellness Program

Harvard Pilgrim’s approach to wellness features comprehensive, strategic, customizable programming that’s easy to implement. It extends past the traditional focus of just diet and exercise, and actually gets at the root of behavior change.

Wellness Program Overview

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health and substance use issues can be complex, confusing and overwhelming. We provide members with access to resources that will get them on the right path.

Behavioral Health Resources

Care Management

As industry leaders in population health, we combine data and analytics with robust care-management outreach. Our “whole person” approach to care encourages wellness and contains costs.

Care Management Resources