Attractive, affordable solutions for Connecticut businesses

No matter how many employees you need to cover or where in the country they’re located, Harvard Pilgrim has a full range of insurance solutions to meet your needs and your budget.

Outstanding coverage, choice and value

High-deductible, HSA-compatible HMO and PPO designs are available.

  • HMO
    No referral, no PCP, open-access HMO, available with or without deductible. Offers access to our full network of New England providers and hospitals.
  • Focus CTSM HMO
    Available with greater savings over our standard HMO plans. Includes select providers across CT, plus the rest of our New England network. PCP and referrals required.
  • PPO
    Provides access to local and national providers and hospitals without referrals. No PCP required. Out-of-network access to non-participating providers.
  • Network Choice CTSM PPO
    Available with greater savings over our standard PPO plans. Two tiers of participating providers. Tier 1 = lower in-network cost sharing; Tier 2 = higher in-network cost sharing. Out-of-network access to non-participating providers.
  • Med Enhance
    Available through employers to their Medicare beneficiaries, Med Enhance fills in the gaps that Medicare doesn’t pay. Members can live anywhere in the U.S. and visit any provider that accepts Medicare.
  • SimplyVirtualSM HMO
    New, innovative health care model giving members 24/7 access to PCPs through virtual visits with Doctor On Demand*. Members have the freedom to receive virtual visits from anywhere – at home, in the workplace, while traveling on vacation – all with a lower PCP visit cost share than office-based offerings.
  • Virtual ChoiceSM HMO
    Flexible, family-friendly plan gives members a choice of virtual or office-based primary care. Adult members age 19+ who choose a virtual PCP have 24/7 access through virtual visits with Doctor On Demand* from anywhere at home, in the workplace, while traveling on vacation – all with lower PCP visit cost sharing than office-based care. Or, adult members can choose an office-based PCP from Harvard Pilgrim’s HMO network. Members under age 19 always receive office-based care and pay lower cost sharing. PCP and referrals are required.

*A member must establish a relationship with a provider by: (1) registering with Doctor On Demand in the state the member resides, and (2) completing a PCP appointment in the same state.

Why choose Harvard Pilgrim?

Outstanding coverage and service. Connecticut’s only not-for-profit health plan. More than 50 years’ experience guiding communities across New England to better health. Here are just a few more reasons to choose Harvard Pilgrim.

  • Harvard Pilgrim SmartStart makes switching health insurance a hassle-free experience for new accounts and members
  • We’re a local partner with the strength of a national network
    • Our seamless, six-state network has outstanding providers that members know and trust
    • A relationship with UnitedHealthcare gives our plans a national reach
  • Our robust prescription drug program features a nationwide network of 67,000+ retail pharmacies
  • 95% of our members are satisfied with their Harvard Pilgrim plan (data compiled from 2020 Harvard Pilgrim Voice of the Customer surveys)

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*Plans available for all group sizes for employers with 2+ eligible employees.