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In New Hampshire, care of all Harvard Pilgrim members is managed through Benevera Health, a population health management company created through a joint venture between Harvard Pilgrim and leading New Hampshire health systems. All partners are closely aligned to reduce costs and improve the health of our New Hampshire members.

Our Team

Members have access to Benevera Health’s multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, community health workers and patient engagement specialists. Best-in-class analytics, a whole-person approach to care and a tight partnership with providers delivering care is what sets the Benevera Health team apart.

Best in Class Data & Analytics

Benevera Health integrates claims, electronic medical records and other data into a single source that provides a rich view of members. This integrated data set is used to stratify members using a mix of predicted risk, event triggers, social needs and clinical conditions that enables us to engage members early, before their health is an issue. It also allows us to react quickly to medical events—such as an emergency room visit, hospital admission, new diagnosis or new medication.

Whole Person, In Person Care

Our team takes a whole person, in person approach to care that goes beyond just medical needs—we consider behavioral, pharmacy, health and wellness, and socio-economic needs too. These aspects of the member ecosystem can present barriers to care that are often ignored.

Because team members live throughout New Hampshire, they know and understand the community and meet with members in person—at their homes, workplaces or doctors’ offices—wherever it is most convenient.

By building personal connections and trusted relationships our team guides members to better health, reduced risk and lower costs.

Provider Partnerships

The collaborative nature of the Benevera Health care model puts Harvard Pilgrim, providers and members on the same side.

Members benefit from the resources and support they need to navigate complex decisions, while employers benefit from innovative plan features that encourage wellness and help contain costs.

Benevera Health has lowered medical utilization by 33%, inpatient admissions by 65% and emergency room visits by 58% in the managed population*.

*Represents data gathered by Benevera Health from 1/1/2016 to 4/30/18 for Propensity Score Matching (PSM). The PSM process reflects data on managed members compared to look-alike cohort members with similar characteristics.

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