2020 ChoiceNet & Hospital Prefer Network Retiering

Harvard Pilgrim has performed a retiering of the ChoiceNet and Hospital Prefer network effective January 1, 2020. This entails evaluating the current tiers of participating doctors and hospitals based on quality, efficiency and cost.

We will mail letters to members beginning the week of November 4th to notify them of the retiering. Members whose PCP has moved to a higher tier will receive a customized letter.

About the letters

For those enrolled in a ChoiceNet plan, there are two versions of the letter:

  1. One informs subscribers that the network has been retiered and as a result their providers’ tiers may have changed. View a sample letter. 
  2. The other is specific to members whose primary care provider (PCP) has changed to a higher tier. In this letter, we remind them that they can stay with this PCP for a higher cost or they may switch to a different PCP. View a sample letter. 

Those enrolled in a Hospital Prefer plan will be sent a letter which informs them of the network tiering. View a sample letter. 

About the 2020 retiering and our provider network

You can find specific providers’ 2020 tiers using our online directory at harvardpilgrim.org. We encourage you and our members go online, or call us, to find the most up-to-date information.


Please contact your Harvard Pilgrim account executive.

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